Saturday, February 14, 2015

Film Review - Romper Stomper (1992)

Romper Stomper was directed by Geoffrey Wright and stars Russell Crowe as Hando the leader of a group of Melbourne Skinheads who beat up on Asians but one beating goes wrong and they find themselves on the run and with a girl (Jacqueline McKenzie) in their midst.

Romper Stomper is a very dark film for sure but this darkness is announced right from the first scene in the film and for me I found it to be an utterly compelling and borderline fantastic watch, Wright wastes no time at all in both setting the style and mood and tone (huge credit should be given to John Clifford White for the score as that theme music is sensational) as well as using every moment of his 92 minute running time, not once did I think this film was too long or boring.

Also worth noting is the performances, Crowe is fantastic here and utterly compelling in the lead role, McKenzie is also very good here (the two would also share screen time together in the Water Diviner which Crowe also directed) and I also loved the overall look of the film with its dirty, grungy streets and deep blues, cinematographer Ron Hagen did a great job here.

And so that was Romper Stomper, a great film but not for the faint hearted, hard to believe Wright would drop the ball so badly after showing such promise 3 years later with Metal Skin, 4 out of 5.

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