Saturday, February 25, 2012

Film Review - The Hunter (2011)

The Hunter stars Willem Dafoe as Martin, a man who flies into Tasmania to search for the mystical Tasmanian Tiger, said to be extinct, whilst there however he befriends the family he is staying with including the mother (Frances O'Connor) and her friend Jack (Sam Neill).

The Hunter sad to say is a film of two distinct features: One Good and One Bad, I'll start with the good first and that is the Tasmanian landscape and the films cinematography, quite simply it is beautiful to watch and almost right away you could care less about the plot, the landscape also has a quality to it that reminds you of the 1975 classic Picnic at Hanging Rock directed by Peter Weir, Dafoe is also good in his role.

But as I said, once you see the landscape you couldn't really care less about the plot and that's pretty much what happens here, the mystery regarding the Tiger is weak and also predictable, you don't care very much in regards to what happens and both Neill and O'Connor, fine actors they are end up getting the short straw between them, both aren't seen enough and you start to get the feeling that both end up wasted as a result.

All in all, I am of two minds on this film, on the one hand it looks great but on the other the story is weak, if I had to say whether I recommend it or not I will say yes but only for the beautiful landscapes, 2 out of 5.

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