Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Film Review - A Quiet Place (2018)

A Quiet Place is written, directed and stars John Krasinki and his real life wife Emily Blunt as a couple living with their children in a post Alien Invasion Earth where any kind of sound will be picked up by them and you pretty much end up dead.

A Quiet Place is simply terrific one of 2018’s best film wise and first off I have to talk about the idea itself because it is a genius concept for a horror/sci-fi film where the very sounds we make and take for granted every day can also become the ways in which we die and in this world even the sounds of a children’s toy can kill us and though the birth rate would most likely plummet in this world the scene of Blunt’s character giving birth while being hunted is genuinely terrifying.

And that leads me to my next point the horror scares yes most of them are jump scares but Krasinki does them so well that they have the desired effect of giving you the willies and also because the direction and editing are used to slowly build the tension and wind up the screws when the Alien creatures do come (and their design is really cool) the fear and the scares are rightfully earned.

This leads me to my third point and that is the craftsmanship, Krasinski’s direction and the overall editing and sound design are fantastic if this movie does not sweep the Sound Oscars next year then something has gone very wrong as the overall Sound Design and Editing does a lot of work to immerse you into this horrible world while the editing finds this perfect balance of taking scenes slow and then ramping up the tension when needed.

And also Krasinki’s direction is terrific and thankfully this movie only goes for 90 minutes how refreshing to have a movie that only goes for that length as so many films feel they have to be these 2.5 hour epic pictures and they don’t have to be just 90 to 100 minutes can be enough and lastly he gives a great performance.

As for the other performances well once again Ms Blunt shows what a great and sometimes underrated actress she can be as she does so much with only her facial expressions and body language and during the birth in the bathtub scene you can see the genuine fear in her face as she tries to give birth while also keep quiet so she doesn’t get killed but the show stealer here is Millicent Simmonds as Regan a hard of hearing young girl whose world is silence itself she delivers this terrific performance that has to be seen for itself.

And so that was my review of A Quiet Place one of the years best films for sure and absolutely worth watching, 4 out of 5.

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Sonia Cerca said...

I loved this film and it's my favourite of the year so far. Like you said, the concept is brilliant and its execution is great. I was scared all the time, even the slightest noise would make me jump. And I loved how there was no sound at all when we saw things from the daughter's perspective. Nice review!