Thursday, April 12, 2018

Film Review - Rampage (2018)

Rampage is based off of the video game and stars Dwayne Johnson as Davis a former US Special Forces officer who now works with animals in the San Diego Zoo one of them being a albino gorilla named George but when a corporate experiment goes wrong and sees not only George but also a Wolf and a Crocodile well they go on a Rampage and Davis has to do all he can to stop them.

Rampage is very much the kind of film that it says it is on the box and that is a monster movie with big special effects and a basic story and all it wants to do is be fun on the bun and it is fun to watch but mainly from a visual effects standpoint and those scenes of the monsters tearing up Chicago were for me great fun to watch as all the buildings came down and the helicopters and tanks got smashed and people got gobbled up like chocolate snacks for the monsters it is a great example of that kind of fun at least for me.

As for the performances well they are fine and capable but no one really stands out in that same way that Idris Elba or Rinko Kikuchi did in Pacific Rim Mr Johnson is his usual charismatic affable self while Naomie Harris was fine and Joe Manganiello was okay but the show stealer was Jeffrey Dean Morgan as suited officer he had this smarmy tone to his character and it made it fun to watch him in the movie.

As for the overall story it was fine but I didn’t mind too much as I really only came to watch giant monsters wreck stuff and the Rock sometimes you don’t want a film to do too much just be a bit of mindless fun and this did it even if I wasn’t overly blown away by it like I was Pacific Rim.

And so that was Rampage a fun if slightly forgettable film that will do what it promises on the box, 2 out of 5.

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