Saturday, October 14, 2017

Film Review - Happy Death Day (2017)

Happy Death Day is produced by Jason Blum who also produced Split and Get Out earlier this year and concerns Teresa (Jessica Rothe) nicknamed Tree here she is a College student who wakes up on her birthday after a big party the night before and then not only finds herself murdered by a man wearing a baby mask that is the mascot of their College but she wakes up to find herself reliving that very day over again now the game’s afoot to find out who is responsible for her death.

Happy Death Day at first made me think of the Red Dwarf episode “Thanks for the Memory” as that episode took place on Rimmer’s Death Day and concerned a whodunit though one that is very different but also like that episode is a heap of fun and I found myself being very surprised at how much fun I had with this film and a lot of that is due to 2 things:

- The first is the great concept this film uses to make as its horror basis and Split from earlier this year also produced by Mr. Blum had a similar feeling in terms of being both a fun horror film as well as something else and this kind of horror is the type I prefer as opposed to the Conjuring type of horror with its endless jump scares, quick cuts and loud noises.

- The second is the way the storytelling unfolds Rothe makes for a very likeable and charming lead and watching her put the clues together and figure everything out even to the point of using the time of her death to her advantage is very good and as a result you become more invested in her as a character and the final reveal was not one that I saw coming and like a great twist reveal should do you end up going “Ah I see well done” though that can be very difficult to pull off especially in heist films so to see it done well here was very good indeed and made me that much more happier with the film when it ended.

And so that was Happy Death Day and I didn’t have a triple fried egg sandwich with chilli sauce and chutney before watching it but I did have a great time watching it, 3 and a half out of 5.

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