Thursday, March 2, 2017

Film Review - Jasper Jones (2017)

Jasper Jones is directed by Rachel Perkins and is based off of the novel and takes place in Rural Western Australia in 1969 and a young boy named Charlie (Levi Miller) is led one night by Jasper Jones (Aaron McGrath) to the scene of a dead young girl whose death may have more going on than at first glance.

Jasper Jones is quite a nice little coming of age film combined with a mystery and Perkins handles both pretty nicely I feel, Miller may have gotten off to a bad start with Pan a couple of years ago but his work here and in Red Dog True Blue he has redeemed himself quite nicely as a capable young actor, I also really liked Toni Collette as his mother and Angourie Rice is very good here as well and she is doing very well for herself and follows up her show stealing work in the Nice Guys quite nicely here.

I also really liked the picture it paints of late 60s Australia where communities were starting to see migrants make themselves home a little more and how that community is affected by the Vietnam War and the National Draft and how the role of women is affected as well to a certain extent and I really like when a period film takes a little bit of time to explore what life was like then a little bit.

And so that was Jasper Jones a quite nice Aussie flick that further shows the renaissance of Australian film is in full swing and that we can do it as good as anyone else once again, 3 out of 5.

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