Thursday, March 30, 2017

Film Review - The Boss Baby (2017)

The Boss Baby is the new Dreamworks Animation film and stars Alec Baldwin as a Baby for Baby Corp who separate newborn bubs into 2 categories: Those who love family and those who love management Baldwin's character goes into management and is later adopted by a family and his older brother Tim is none too happy about having a little brother at least at first.

I had a very good time watching this movie I will admit I was looking forward to it because of the very fun advertising I saw for the film but the film itself did not let me down for the most part and the main reason for this is due to Baldwin's excellent voice work I've been a big fan of this man since his work as Dr Jack Ryan in the Hunt for Red October (it still annoys me to this day that circumstances prevented him from doing Patriot Games) and his dry humour is used to very good effect here playing this little baby in a suit who could do business deals in a nappy and he provided a lot of the smiles and laughs I had in the film.

As for the film itself its fine for the first two thirds but the last act it begins to fall apart in that way that many animated films do these days and that is a fight between the main characters at the two third mark and then a generic I'm sorry scene and then a fight to save the day and its gotten a little boring now to constantly see this happen in animated films.

And so that was the Boss Baby a fun time that is mainly worth seeing for Baldwin's excellent performance, 3 out of 5.

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