Thursday, June 25, 2015

Film Review - Ted 2 (2015)

Ted 2 continues on from the first Ted film and again stars Seth McFarlane as the talking teddy bear (he also wrote and directed the film) but this time his wish to marry and start a family with Tami-Lynn hit a snag when he is declared property by the Government so he and John (Mark Wahlberg) hire a young lawyer Samuel (Amanda Seyfried) to sue the Government and get his civil rights back.

Ted 2 is not a terrible film in any way at all (there are some very fun gags and cameos, one in particular made me smile big time) but it is also a typical Ted adventure in that he has a fun adventure, he pals around with Wahlberg and smokes a lot of hemp and there are a lot of references to pop culture (and this really comes to the fore in the films climax.)

As for the performances well Seth as Ted gets much more screen time than in the first film and it is a fun character to watch but I also feel that it's become sort of old hat now and that we know what to expect from Ted, Wahlberg plays off him nicely but the show stealer I thought was Seyfried who does a really nice job with her character and her chemistry with the guys is great, I really did enjoy seeing her let her hair down in this role and after a run of misfires she's earnt a new chance from me.

And so that was Ted 2 which is not terrible but very stale as a sequel and just more of the same frankly, if you can see it at a matinee price then do so but if not then wait for the DVD before seeing it, 2 out of 5.

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