Saturday, May 23, 2015

Film Review - Blackhat (2015)

Blackhat is directed by Michael Mann and stars Chris Hemsworth as Nic Hathaway, a computer hacker who is currently serving a prison sentence when a nuclear plant in China is hacked into so the joint Chinese US operation decides that they need Hathaway's help in order to find who is responsible.

Blackhat is easily one of the year's worst films for me for multiple reasons:

- The first is the script by Morgan Davis Fohel is just ridiculous with its endless scenes of people talking about computer codes that made me want to fall asleep and also none of it is really all that engaging in terms of being a thriller or indeed an interesting story as you also don't really care about anyone in it or any of the events going on inside this script.

- The second is the performances and frankly they're not very good, the idea that Chris Hemsworth Thor himself is a computer hacker yeah right boys and girls this was just dumb casting right from the get go and his performance doesn't help matters either with that look of disinterest in the whole thing and that stupid mumbly American accent he does and it hurts somewhat to say this because I always enjoy watching him in a film and he's never let me down but here he does so and it makes me sad.

As for the others well Viola Davis gets very little to do and looks bored doing it, Yorick van Waningen is dull to watch while Leehom Wang and Wei Tang don't leave much of an impression and the chemistry between Hemsworth and Tang I didn't really buy all that much either.

- And lastly Michael Mann's direction is all over the place, some shots look nice while others just wreak of bad digital photography, I cannot believe this man made Manhunter and the Last of the Mohicans both of which are good pictures but here he just cannot bring this script to life and even the gunfights kinda bored me here.

And so that was Blackhat one of the real turkeys of 2015 for me with its terrible script, performances and direction, oh how Mann has fallen from grace with this and Public Enemies in a way that when he hit the pavement there was a lot of blood on the concrete, rent 1992's Sneakers instead as that is a far better computer thriller, 1 out of 5.

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