Saturday, April 9, 2011

Film Review - Warlock (1989)

Warlock is a fantasy movie that starts in 1691 where a Warlock (A Male Witch) played by Julian Sands is sentenced to death for crimes against Man and God, but using some black magic he escapes his dungeon to 1988, but he is not alone.

Warlock clearly owes it's debts to both Highlander and The Terminator and sadly, this movie isn't anywhere near the same league as those for a number of reasons, let thee count the ways:

1. The Cast: In both Terminator and Highlander, you had charismatic actors that gave it their all and were compelling to watch, here both Julian Sands and Richard E. Grant have got the charisma of a pine tree.

2. The Story: Again in both of those aforementioned movies, the heroes and villains had frequent clashes with each other throughout the story and it gave a sense of what the heroes of those stories were fighting for, in Terminator it was preventing the rise of the machines and in Highlander it was preventing a great prize falling into the wrong hands, here the Warlock and Redfern are after this book and frankly, who gives a shit.

3. The Direction: As well as those two problems, Steve Miner the director doesn't infuse the film with any sort of energy or excitement whereas James Cameron and Russell Mulcahy did something with their movies and were a big part of why they were successful, here that just isn't the case.

But I will say this though, there are some parts of the film that work mainly to do with the opening scenes with the very biblical dialogue and the way the characters talk to each other, it's good stuff and there should have been more of it.

And so in closing, a boring fantasy film that is not worth anyone's time or money but also mentions two others that are, rent those instead, 1 out of 5.

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